Toronto, Canada

Global Corporate Office

401 Bay Street
Suite 1608
Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4


Chicago, IL

USA Head Office

4131 S State Street
Suite C
Chicago, IL 60609


Calgary, Alberta

Regional Office

5240 1A Street SE
Suite 2015
Calgary, AB T2H 1X1


Supporting safe, healthy, efficient facilities across North America.

DCS Global consultants are an in-house network of proven specialists in commercial real estate, education, retail, hospitality & entertainment, government, and transportation. Based in these cities, we’re mobile, growing, and ready to provide the custodial services expertise you need.

Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Chicago, Columbus, St. Louis, Phoenix, Las Vegas

Need a customized solution?

DCS Global specializes in facilities maintenance consulting services tailored to your sector and needs. We are known for increasing quality and sustainability while managing cost, across large and small portfolios.

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