Independent Cleaning Audits

Measure what matters, learn exactly how to improve.

The cleanliness of any building is a bit like electricity. While it works, it’s taken for granted. But as soon as it doesn’t, users notice, which can impact your reputation and your business. Sometimes tenants complain, giving you and your contract cleaners the chance to fix it. But often, they don’t, until it’s too late.

DCS Global is here to help with independent, certified cleaning inspections.

We know the cleaning business, its specifications, and standards. We use proven processes and technology.

  • Identify deficiencies before they become engrained issues.
  • Benchmark and track building(s) efficiency over time.
  • Increase accountability and transparency.
  • Enhance confidence with your clients and stakeholders.
  • Support tenant and contractor meetings with impartial data.

Expert Team.

Detailed Reporting. Issues Support.

Each of our third-party custodial, janitorial, or APPA/LEED audits is complete.

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Our independent, third-party inspections work for you.

DCS Global provides unmatched expertise in independent, third-party custodial, janitorial, and APPA/LEED audits. We have successfully inspected over two billion square feet across North America and beyond since 1997. Our memberships, certifications, and integrations include APPA, ISSA, BOMA, GBAC Star™, and Fitwell™.

  • DCS Global inspectors tour your facilities using software on a smart phone or tablet to measure cleaning quality using a site-specific template.
  • Room types are set up and loaded into the building profile.
  • Either random samples of room types are conducted (for large buildings) or we can evaluate all the space.
  • We can also work with your contractor to deal with any reported deficiencies quickly and efficiently, create work orders, and track and document the process to completion.

What about APPA/LEED Audits?

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED).

LEED Certification is an increasingly important reputational tool that tells your tenants and potential tenants you care about sustainability. More importantly, it actively indicates you are doing something about it. DCS Global completes custodial effectiveness APPA audits for LEED certification, professionally, quickly, seamlessly, and cost-effectively, with full LEED points awarded. At DCS Global our third-party APPA/LEED audit process exceeds LEED requirements, inspecting 5 percent more space than required, while remaining highly cost-effective.

Assessments are completed based on the APPA 1-5 measurement standards: Level 1 orderly spotlessness, Level 2 ordinary tidiness, Level 3 casual inattention, Level 4 moderate dinginess, Level 5 unkept neglect. Once the inspection is complete, we prepare and present a report that captures: the methodology used to conduct the audit, an audit areas breakdown per APPA space category definitions, the score allocated to each space, and specific opportunities to improve cleaning practices. This report also includes a building-specific project description, a detailed area summary, specific inspection data, and recommendations.

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DCS Global raises the bar without increasing client costs.

DCS Global has conducted thousands of inspections on facilities of all types and sizes across North America, from commercial office buildings to campuses, retail centers, and transit systems. Let our expert facility services advisors take the stress out of managing your cleaning contracts.

Invest in the best quality and value for your cleaning dollar.

Our highly experienced and proven team knows what a clean building should look like, based on your unique specifications and requirements. We know exactly what to look for and where to look. With our extensive U.S., Canada, and local expertise, you can always count on DCS Global wherever you need us.

Need a customized solution?

DCS Global specializes in facilities maintenance consulting services tailored to your industry and needs. We are known for increasing quality and sustainability while managing cost, across large and small portfolios.

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