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Commercial & Corporate.

Last year, at DCS Global our expert facilities maintenance professionals consulted on over 340 million square feet of facilities. Our deep experience with corporate real estate owners and commercial property managers across a major range of office buildings, operations, and budgets means we ask the right questions then get the answers. DCS Global is ready to assist with:

  • Complete Custodial RFP Services

  • Current Contract Reviews

  • Facilities Needs Assessment

  • Gap Analysis & Benchmarking

  • Comprehensive Audit Options

DCS Global Education


From elementary schools to universities, educational facilities all want to provide clean, well-administered learning and work environments. The DCS Global team has honed education-specific facilities management strategies in previous school roles. That includes experience as Chief Facilities Officer for the third-largest public education system in the U.S. We provide solutions to help smaller schools, boards, and extensive campuses achieve success.

Government & Municipalities.

Government facilities cover a lot of different needs, from office buildings to community recreation facilities. Municipal, state, and federal governments need to find efficiencies and minimize costs while addressing wide-ranging priorities, varying assets, and evolving space use. DCS Global offers a track record that matches that diversity with adaptability. We work effectively with all levels of government addressing key custodial priorities including safety and compliance.

DCS Global Government


Retail is a dynamic, complex and constantly evolving business. Visitor expectations and seasonal traffic shifts must be carefully balanced with cost efficiency. Whether it’s a mall, a set of stand-alone outlets, or franchise locations, DCS Global provides the facility maintenance planning, data, and solutions that maintain inviting shopping and dining spaces. We offer a complete selection of services tailored to suit your needs and budget.


At DCS Global we know where you are going. Our facilities maintenance consulting covers all forms of mass transportation infrastructure cleaning. We have worked extensively with better transportation coalitions that bring together business, municipal, labor, community, and environmental stakeholders. We know how cleaning standards tracking, auditing, and communication remain critical to regaining traffic and ridership post-pandemic.

DCS Global Transportation
DCS Global Hospitality

Hospitality & Entertainment.

Reassure your patrons and guests with a proactive approach to travelling and events. From hotels and resorts, to restaurants, event venues and attractions, independent assessments and credible, data-driven certifications raise consumer confidence in hygiene. DCS Global employs senior management with background at some of the world’s top hospitality brands. We understand hospitality businesses’ duty to care and the need to document preventative measures.

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