Needs Assessments

We provide impartial cleaning and facility maintenance assessments for a full range of industries, organizations, and facility professionals.

  • Quality & efficiency levels.
  • Cleaning costs, supplies & equipment.
  • Cleaning program & safety compliance.
  • Provider / service management.
  • Stakeholder perceptions & engagement.
  • Certifications and other assurance tools.

RFP Services

DCS Global RFP design and management helps improve cleanliness and contain costs while optimizing custodial, janitorial, and environmental contracts.

  • Scope of work development.
  • RFP package design & project management.
  • Contractor list creation, bidder interviews.
  • RFP bid analysis & reporting.

  • Negotiation & implementation support.
  • Remote RFP online option available.

Gap  Analysis

How effective are your facilities maintenance and cleaning systems? What’s missing or neglected? DCS Global advisors establish clear benchmarks, provide detailed gap analysis, and support improvements.

  • Gap assessment matrix with prioritization.
  • Practical strategies, detailed action plans.
  • Evaluating inhouse / outsourcing, day cleaning.
  • Industry & category leader best practices.

Contract Renegotiation

DCS Global can help determine if your service providers are delivering the performance you’re paying for.
 Periodic evaluation and pro renegotiation build value, and strong supplier relationships.

  • Evolving cleaning & servicing needs.
  • Best practices & tech post-pandemic.
  • Green cleaning & sustainability.
  • Compliance & quality assurance.

Independent Audits

To know where your cleaning program is and where it needs to go, you need a roadmap backed by data that measures effectiveness. DCS Global advisors provide the expert inspectors, science, and metrics to help.

Clean + Safe© Program

DCS Global Clean + Safe© supports site-specific, risk-based cleaning for health. We developed it to complement and integrate prevention accreditations like GBAC STAR™ and Fitwell™ into daily operations.

  • Introduced in commercial, retail & education.
  • Factors in occupancy, traffic & users.
  • Complete playbook with specifications.
  • Includes cleaning service transition support.

Office Day Cleaning Optimization

Our Office Ready cleaning optimization system works with your current cleaning contractor. Save 4% – to 104% on your energy costs while working within your current cleaning contracts. > Check client testimonials

  • Feasibility study provided.
  • Includes training and test run.
  • Audited post-implementation.
  • Tenant communication options.

More DCS Global Services.

Cleaner, Faster, Greener, Safer

ESG Reporting

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) metrics are fast becoming a business and operational imperative. This differentiator helps businesses meet increasing demands for transparency and mitigate risk. DCS Global provides processes and impartial data to support the environmental and governance aspects of your ESG strategy.

Sustainability Support

Whether you are implementing new environmental standards, looking to support specific ESG goals, or want to enhance your current “green cleaning” program, DCS Global is uniquely equipped to assist.

Day Cleaning Evaluation & Conversion

Day cleaning decreases energy costs, improves security, and provides more consistent results. As pioneers of this approach, we can quickly help determine if it will work for you. 

TIP According to a recent Deloitte survey, 85% of respondents indicated “visible cleaning” was “somewhat important” or “very important” as employees return to offices.

Security Service Assessments & RFPs

Janitorial or custodial services and security are two of the biggest investments you make in running any facility. We combine our proven RFP Services skill set with those of a world-class security expert > Find out more about Security Services RFP project management

Taking care of your cleaning practices.

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