DCS Global specializes in indoor air quality solutions.

At DCS Global, we offer comprehensive Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) auditing solutions tailored to your unique commercial real estate, education, and transit facilities. Our experienced team provides independent third-party IAQ audits and assessments, including:

Trust DCS Global for Confidence in Indoor Air Quality.

Our evidence-based IAQ audits and monitoring services provide assurance that your indoor environment is safe and healthy.

DCS Global IAQ Auditing

  • We assess air quality in critical zones, high-traffic areas, and hidden spaces to identify potential issues.

  • Receive detailed recommendations for improving indoor air quality, including adjustments to HVAC systems and ventilation.

  • We provide ongoing monitoring and compliance checks to ensure your facility maintains a high standard of indoor air quality.

  • Our reports include data for Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking, compliance monitoring, and performance improvements.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of IAQ improvements with before-and-after assessments.

Understanding IAQ Assessment

Indoor Air Quality assessments are crucial for maintaining a healthy environment.

IAQ testing measures various parameters like pollutants, humidity, and temperature to ensure air quality meets recommended standards.

Monitoring Equipment
We use advanced equipment to monitor IAQ parameters, providing real-time data for better decision-making.
Interpreting IAQ Data
Our experts analyze the data and provide insights, enabling you to take actions to improve indoor air quality.
Why IAQ Matters
A healthy indoor environment is essential for the well-being of your occupants, reducing health risks, and ensuring a comfortable space.

Need a customized solution?

DCS Global specializes in facilities maintenance consulting services tailored to your industry and needs. We are known for increasing quality and sustainability while managing cost, across large and small portfolios.

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